So Ya Got Questions

We Got Answers

How many years apart are the brothers?

  • Roger is 4 years older than Jeff.

Are they married?

  • Yes. Roger’s wife is Lori.
  • Jeff’s wife is Teresa.

Do they have kids?

  • Roger has four daughters, a step-daughter and a step son. He has five grand children.
  • Jeff has five sons and a daughter. He has six grand kids and another one on the way. He just bought a new mini van to transport his expanding tribe.

What do Roger and Jeff do for a living?

  • Roger oversees Blitz Ministries and owns a wedding farm.
  • Jeff works in the financial services industry.

Do either of them have any musical ability?

  • No.

Who is smarter?

  • Roger says he is. Jeff says he is.

Is there anything interesting about Roger and/or Jeff?

  • No. Not particularly.