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Not the Marx Brothers nor the Doobie Brothers, Roger Fields and Jeff Fields are the Fields Brothers. Enjoying life on this side of the cross they talk about happenings from their lives in central Kentucky. They are recovering pastors with no known history of scandal, just a refreshing take on freedom in Christ.

WARNING: The following views and opinions may not necessarily represent those of the staff or management of your local church.

keep your money

Keep Your Money!

We don’t need your money. Keep it. Jeff will just spend it on golf anyway. Roger explains it on this audio track.

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The Fields Brothers show podcast

(but NOT limited to)…

  • Freedom on this side of the cross.
  • Life and times in central Kentucky.
  • Funny stuff that happened to Roger and/or Jeff recently.
  • God’s relentless love for us.
  • Jeff’s obsession with golf. (Roger is writing this.)
  • Their quest to find a sponsor for the show.
  • The futility to doing more and more stuff for God.
  • And a whole lot more.